Key services

Using small unmanned aircraft to bring inspections and imaging to the next level

Renewable asset inspections

Renewable asset inspections

Energy from the air...

Visible photography and thermal imaging can be used to carry out all kinds of engineering inspections for the owners of energy plants. Specific areas of interest and expertise include:

  • Thermal imaging of solar PV
  • Ground/roof-mounted solar
  • External wind turbine inspections
  • Construction progress reporting
  • Promotional photos/videos
Property inspections

Property inspections

Quick and safe imaging...

Why use ladders / 'cherrypickers' or scaffolding?

Within 20-30 minutes, you can have a full and detailed visual inspection of your property including all roof areas - safe and cost-effective.

Ideal for spotting loose tiles, leaks, corrosion, or just getting a regular check of the condition. 

General aerial services

General aerial services

General services...

The applications of aerial photography and videos are many and varied.

Promotional photos and videos (HD, up to 4k) look great shot from the air !

Get a unique insight with a view from above.